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"We´ ll relax your mind, body and soul any time you feel like it."
Massage can be both stimulating and relaxing. It affects nerves, organs, glands, circulation, and muscles, and helps the body rid itself of toxins.
Our signature Cayce/Reilly massage blends Swedish, osteopathic, and neuropathic massage techniques. For deeper relaxation, hydrocollator heat packs or violet ray application are available at no additional charge.

• Relaxes muscles
• Improves blood and lymph circulation
• Improves joint mobility
• Relieves effects of stress
• Encourages general relaxation
• Strengthens immune system
• Speeds recovery after exercise

"Variety Options"
Radio Frequency Pain Treatments :

• Ciatic Nerve
• Pain Injuries
• Neck And Shoulders Pain
• Tight Muscles
• Arthritis
• Post Plastic Surgery
• Post Tommy Tuck Surgery
• Knee Pain
• Diabetic Feet.

• Acupressure Massage:
Acupressure provides a bridge between ancient and modern theories using gentle, direct finger pressure on acupuncture points.

• Releases stress and tension.
• Reduced pain and discomfort.
• Increases self-awareness.
• Establishes the balance of energy between mind and body.

• Swedish Massage: The Swedish massage technique uses long flowing strokes that usually follows the course of the blood as it returns to the heart, and it is specifically designed to increase circulation, Swedish massage also works on the deeper muscles of the body. Swedish massage as five basic strokes:

• Effleurage: uses the thumbs deeper penetration.
• Petrissage: uses kneading motions.
• Friction: involves circular motions.
• Tapotement: is rhythmic percussion, administered with the edge of the palm or the heel of the hand.
• Vibration: rapidly shaking for a few seconds When giving a massage therapy the practitioner will usually apply cream, oil or a lotion to the skin in order to reduce the friction and help towards smoother strokes. Swedish massage is the most popular, widely used and well known of all the massaging techniques.

• Antistress Massage: Body work and massages alleviate stress. Stress hormones cause the dispersing of endorphins, the natural well feeling hormone of our body. Physical and psychic tensions become clear, the mind becomes free and energy is able to flow again.
A competent masseur is able work miracles!

• Lymphatic Drainage: The lymph system is responsible for carrying excess water and wastes from the connective tissue back to the blood stream. During the transportation process it is cleaned and filtered. If the pathways become congested, blocked, or damaged, then fluids can build up in the connective tissue and edema may follow. Through the pumping and stretching effect on the lymph vessels, Manual Lymph Drainage makes lymph flow faster and easier. It has many diverse applications such as post mastectomy lymphedema, migraines, scar tissue, MS, acne and arthritis.

• Deep Tissue Massage: This highly therapeutic full body massage uses deeper pressure to release chronic patterns of muscular tension. The therapist uses direct pressure, or cross fiber (against the grain of the muscles) friction. Deep tissue massage is a great way for those who prefer more pressure to help eliminate deep tension, tightness and reduce muscle pain.

• Holistic Massage:The holistic massage is practised on all the body except the sexual area. The holistic massage is practised by techniques varied enough by accompanying breathing such as the stretchings or swingings.

It treats the whole person including mental, social, emotional and physical factors. It's a gentle way of enabling deep physical and mental relaxation in a caring atmosphere of warm and calm.
Massage is a partnership between the giver and the receiver. It is not something one person "does to" another, but a shared experience of communicating without words, much like a dance between partners

• Hot Rock Massage: Smooth, heated stones are used to melt your muscles while massage techniques are used to manipulate and completely unwind your muscles. This soothing form of massage will have you never wanting to leave!.

• Reflexology: The study and practice of gently pressing reflex points on the feet with specific hand and finger techniques, to relax corresponding parts of the body. The body can then return to a state of equilibrium or homeostasis, where circulation flows unimpeded and organs function normally.

• Su Jok: Using ancient Chinese techniques, pressure points in hands are massaged to relieve stress and re-establish energy.

All the treatments include essential oils according to your needs.
What our clients say…
“Far and away, the best massage anywhere!”.

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